Program Streams

21-006-B04-P - Collaborative Practice Agreement Certificate Program for Initial Licensure
21-017-H04-P - Consultant Pharmacist Certificate Program for Initial Licensure
21-031-H04-P - Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
21-034-H04-P - Consultant Pharmacist Certificate Program for License Renewal
22-003-H01-P - Management and Advancements for Alzheimer’s Disease
22-005-H01-P - Practical Management of Anticoagulation
22-016-H01-P - Pharmacy-Based Test and Treat Recertification Training Program
22-020-H01-P - Practical Management of Diabetes
22-021-H08-P - Acute Pain Management
22-022-H99-P - Herbal & Dietary Supplement Use in Clinical Practice: A Primer for Pharmacists
22-025-H01-P - The Management of Asthma
22-026-H99-P - Collaborative Practice Agreement Recertification
22-028-H01-P - Common Chronic Care Issues
22-034-H01-P - Infectious Disease Update
22-037-H99-P - Antimicrobial Stewardship Series: Curbing Overuse One Practice Setting at a Time
22-040-H01-P - Anticoagulation Therapy Management for Pharmacists
22-041-H04-P - Human Trafficking in Pharmacies
23-001-H01-P - Implementing Pharmacogenomics into Clinical Practice Certificate Program (2nd Edition)
23-003-H01-P - Ambulatory Care Certificate Program (1st Edition)
23-008-H05-P - Preventing Medication Errors: A Guide for the Pharmacist
23-009-H05-P - Validation and Counseling of Prescriptions for Controlled Substances and Opioids
23-029-H08-P - Treating and Managing Patients with Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders
23-030-H01-P - Cardiovascular Conditions
23-031-H01-P - Pulmonary Conditions
23-032-H99-P - Endocrinology and Bone Health Conditions
23-043-H01-P - Treating and Managing Infectious Diseases
23-154-H06-P - APhA Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery
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