Course Description

Course Introduction

The 9 Important Communication $kills for Talking About Money are the most well-researched, evidence-based communication skills you can learn to discuss issues surrounding finances or other family-related matters.

Upon completion of this course, couples in participating counties can receive a certificate of completion. Please contact your county Extension agent to sign your completed certificate.

Overall Goal

Assist you to identify, apply, and practice the skills and strategies needed to become:

  1. A healthy individual, partner, parent, child, and/or professional.
  2. An influential mentor in empowering families to use the skills, strategies, and resources available to develop healthy relationships and improve well-being.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify how increasing knowledge and skills translate to new communication behaviors.
  2. Apply the 9 Skills to increase the effectiveness of your communication behaviors.
  3. Apply the 10 Rules for Constructive Conflict skills to increase the effectiveness of your communication behaviors.
  4. Practice the 9 Skills and the 10 Rules during the course and at home.
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9 Important Communication $kills for Talking About Money
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