Course Description

Marriage Enhancement Training (U-MET) is a research-based couple’s education program designed to offer constructive guidance to married couples, or those thinking about marriage someday, as they nurture the day-to-day challenges of maintaining a healthy couple friendship and relationship. The program aims to help couples understand that it takes both partners working together to make a marriage successful. The U-MET educational program, including activity handouts, focuses on helping couples to: recognize their own and their partner's needs, parent positively, negotiate conflict successfully, communicate effectively, manage money skillfully, develop and maintain healthy lifestyles, and maintain good balance and mental health throughout this amazing journey.

Upon completion of this course, couples in participating counties can receive a certificate of completion. Please contact your county Extension agent to sign your completed certificate.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will increase your knowledge and marriage relationship skills in the following areas:

  • Identify your own 8 Needs and how you and your partner can meet these needs regularly.
  • Identify and apply healthy parenting practices.
  • Practice 9 Skills of communication and 10 Rules of constructive conflict.
  • Practice healthy financial management strategies.
  • Apply healthy lifestyles to guide you throughout marriage.
  • Learn to balance work-life and mental health successfully.
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