Course Description

The PBMS course is a transformative educational workshop focused on equipping parents and teachers with proven strategies and skills essential for nurturing healthy relationships and fostering well-being in children and students. Participants will delve into essential concepts, such as types of misbehaviors, strategies for positive parenting and teaching, fostering responsible behavior, conflict resolution, and effective behavior management techniques. The course offers a holistic approach to instilling the skills necessary to guide children and students towards positive behavioral development and responsibility.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the PBMS course, participants will gain proficiency in the following key skills:

  • Recognition and classification of various types of misbehaviors in children and students
  • Application of effective strategies for positive parenting and teaching choices.
  • Establishment of healthy and supportive relationships between parents and children, as well as teachers and students.
  • Implementation of responsible behavior fostering strategies.
  • Mastery of conflict resolution techniques in educational and home environments.

Participants will emerge equipped with a comprehensive skill set to effectively manage behavior, encourage responsibility, and nurture positive relationships in both home and educational settings.

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Positive Behavioral Management Skills
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