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This workshop will walk you through the planning stages of creating an online course. Practical how-to guidance coupled with “create-your-course” worksheets will help you move through your course development efficiently.

While the Design workshop is at-your-own-pace, your facilitator is available through Zoom, email, or discussion forum to answer questions and provide feedback. Coupled with the strategies from Build and Teach workshops, this course will guide you towards earning Quality, High Quality or Exemplary designation for you and your course.

When you complete this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Plan your online course using “backward design.”
  2. Identify features of quality course design using the UF+QM Standards.
  3. Align your course objectives, assessments, content, and learning activities to create a course map.
  4. Experience an online course from the student’s perspective.
  5. Estimate the time it will take you to create the content for one module.

This workshop is required for instructors who are developing or revising an online course for UF Online.

Expect to spend approximately 8-9 hours reviewing the materials and completing the worksheets.

Complete the assignments in this workshop to earn core miles towards a Great Online Teaching Certificate. Details about this certificate and badge opportunities can be found on the CTE website:  Passport to Great Teaching.

Also available:

  • Build a Great Online Course
  • Teach a Great Online Course
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Registration for this cohort is limited to the first 30 registrants. Participants can begin working in the Canvas course on February 1st. All assignments must be completed by March 28th.

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