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The Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) standard defines a set of information which helps facility managers efficiently operate their buildings. COBie does not require a change to the design practice; COBie only requires that the information regularly created during design be delivered in a structured way for every project.

This course will provide users of Autodesk Revit a step-by-step guide to the production of COBie data as part of their design process. Configuration files created during this course may be used by senior BIM Technicians, BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, and BIM Information Managers to develop or improve BIM Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for themselves and their business partners. 



Program Directors

R. Raymond Issa, Ph.D., J.D., P.E., F.ASCE, API

Raymond is an engineer, lawyer and computer scientist and Holland Professor of Construction Management at the Rinker School of Construction Management, University of Florida. Raymond specializes and teaches in the areas of construction management, construction law, information technology and structures and foundations. Raymond is the Director of the Center for Advanced Construction Information Management (CACIM), and an advocate for technology integration in the AECO industry. Raymond’s research is showcased on the CACIM WWW (http://www.bcn.ufl.edu/cacim/). Raymond is in great demand as a keynote speaker on BIM, technology integration, modular construction and creativity and innovation at conferences. His portfolio includes over 350 publications and service on over 300 Masters and Ph.D. committees. Raymond received the ASCE Computing in Civil Engineering Award in 2012 and was elected to Pan American Academy of Engineering in 2014. He currently serves as the VP for the North American Region of the Pan American Federation of Engineering Societies and the Secretary for the ISCCBE Board of Directors and is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

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Shawn E. O’Keeffe, PhD-CS, MSc-ET, BSc-ATE, ASc-ET, bSI-CCP

Shawn is an applied research scientist invents and implements cyber-physical systems to solve engineering problems. At the core of these systems are building information models and information management systems. Over a decade ago, while teaching BIM&VDC at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and conducting research for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers ERDC CAD/BIM centre in Vicksburg, MS, Shawn created the Virtual LEED Review System (VLRS) based on core Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and buildingSMART supported ISO-based OpenBIM standards that are now ubiquitous within BIM systems today. Shawn’s next major effort was a set of tools for automatic validation BIM data and geometry and automated 3D reconstruction of semantic models. The most widely adopted of these technologies has been BIM & Scan® AutoCorr™ for BIM validation and construction monitoring on over 400 projects. AutoCorr™ is now used in over 50 countries. Shawn recently invented the Telecommunications Life-cycle information exchanged (TLie) data model which is the core foundation for how telecommunications site construction data can now be set up and delivered on a global scale. Shawn created the BIM & Scan® OpenOp system for the deployment of TLie-based information modelling and management on a global scale, and recently, hundreds of new sites and tens of thousands of building information models have been created using TLie to structure, deploy, and manage network project life-cycle data on several continents. COBie is an important part of the TLie data model. Shawn is a COBie Certified Professional (bSI-CCP), helped created the COBie certification curriculum, and co-authored several COBie publications. He contributes to the CEN/TC442 BIM WG2 where the ISO standards use as the basis for COBie and his research projects are built. Shawn teaches and mentors, masters, and PhD students, at the Technical University of Dublin, the University of Barcelona - Zigurat Institute of Technology, University of Luxembourg, MedTech Tunis, and the University of Florida.

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