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This course will review the importance of access openings and the new concepts of minimally invasive accesses. It will describe different instrumentation techniques when using hybrid techniques, the importance of irrigation, and the irrigation methods in today's market. The importance of focal view CBCT on diagnosis and treatment planning will be discussed for the outcomes of endodontic treatment.



1.         Identify all the materials and supplies necessary for all the procedures involved in this course and understand their applications.


2.         Identify patent pulp chambers and canals by means of endodontic digital radiographs; recognize canal systems with extreme curvatures, calcifications, and other complicating anatomical/pathological features.


3.         Understand and concepts of a proper access opening


4.         Establish appropriate working lengths, and the chemo-mechanical preparation of the canal system


5.        Identify, prevent, and manage procedural errors that may occur during

           endodontic treatment.


6.      Understand the importance and indications of different irrigation techniques.


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Endodontics in Today's Practice
9:00AM to 4:00PM
Oct 04, 2024
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