Course Description

Are you a cat lover and would like to learn more about your feline friend? Consider taking this Cat Course, which covers a range of important topics about domesticated cats.  In this short course, you will watch lectures given by faculty at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, as well as across the country.  Lecture topics include the evolution of the domesticated cat, different cat breeds and genetic testing, preventative health care, behavior, as well as proper feeding of the cat.  Besides the lectures, you will have access to additional material on each topic to learn even more about your feline buddy.

Learner Outcomes

Topic 1: Evolution and Domestication
Learn about the evolution of the cat, from their origin to the lineages that followed, and also the species that are found within each lineage. Discover the timeline of the domestic cat and understand why domestication of the cat occurred and where it is at today.

Topic 2: Breeds and Genetic Testing
Learn about many different breeds of cats and what makes each breed unique, from the history of the breed to their characteristics and possible breed-related diseases or conditions. Discuss genetic testing in dogs and cats, and how this procedure works to identify different breeds of cast and dogs.

Topic 3: Preventative Care

Learn about the different factors that are important for feline preventative health care, such as environment, housing and husbandry (i.e. grooming, exercise, oral care). Understand some common medical conditions in cats and learn how to identify different parasites and diseases that are common to cats.

Topic 4: Behavior

Learn what animal behavior is, what factors affect behavior and why it is important. Understand behavioral assessments, and normal/common cat behaviors. Learn how to deal with different potential difficult situations such as introducing new cats, fear-related aggression, improper elimination behaviors and destructive scratching. Discover the importance of good welfare and enrichment to allow for normal cat behaviors.

Topic 5: Feeding Cats

Understand the different types of pet foods from dry vs. wet foods to homemade foods and the difference between nutrients and ingredients. Learn about the most common nutritional disease in cats and how much to feed a cat and how this can differ depending on their various life stages (pregnancy, lactation and growth).

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