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Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) are one of the fastest growing trends in the wastewater industry today. This course is designed to inform and educate the student on the history, design, equipment, and operational concepts of SBR treatment technology. This class will also aid the operator of an SBR wastewater facility in improving the operation of the plant through process control testing and monitoring. Knowing what tests to use, when and where to collect the process control samples, is half the battle in SBR operation.

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Learner Outcomes

This class is intended to aid the operator of an SBR wastewater facility in improving the operation of the plant through process control testing and monitoring. Knowing what tests and when and where to collect the process control samples is half the battle in SBR operation. Problems with incorrect sampling and analysis could be detrimental to overall operation. Valuable information regarding process control testing, data interpretation, process adjustment and data trending is given to the participant of this class. General guides on SBR batch process timelines are given, as well as process troubleshooting and discussion of real-world experiences.


Students should have a working knowledge of the activated sludge treatment process before taking this course.

Who Should Attend?

  • Wastewater treatment professionals involved in the operation of SBR treatment systems.
  • Wastewater treatment professionals familiar with activated sludge process.
  • Wastewater treatment professionals who desire to learn about how an SBR functions
  • Regulatory personnel who may inspect SBR facilities
  • Maintenance personnel in charge of maintaining all the moving parts and pieces
  • Anyone interested in learning how a highly automated wastewater treatment facility operates
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