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  • TREEO FDEP OCP 04251038: CEUs 14.4 DS DW

Course coordinator: Areiole Williams areiole.williams@treeo.ufl.edu
Phone: (352) 392-9570 or 352-294-3877

For assistance with this online course, please contact questions@ad.ufl.edu

This course provides instruction in the fundamental principles involved in water treatment plant operation for students who are looking to obtain a Class "C" or Class "B" Water Operator License. Water treatment practices vary widely across the country; however, a number of distinct processes can usually be identified in any treatment plant. This course deals with both theoretical and practical aspects of these processes, and is intended to provide the basic knowledge necessary for you to begin a career in the water treatment field.

You will have one year from your registration date to complete your course.

Unlike a traditional classroom-based course, you do not need to show up to class at a specific time every day to participate in this online course. Instead, you complete lesson presentations, reading, assignments, and quizzes/tests all online. Although some of these activities will be ungraded, you are still required to complete them. This fully online course is designed to be flexible and self-paced. The lesson sequence used in this online course generally follows the chapter sequence in the course manuals, "Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations, Class C&B Online Training Course” 2021. The course consists of three modules that are broken up into a total of 26 lessons. 

Requirements for Online Courses:

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  • Certificate will be issued on the date you pass the final exam.

Accessing the course:

  • Student will receive course access once the registration has been processed by our office during normal business hours.

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Successful Completion

Instructions will be available in your online course for how to view and print your certificate of successful completion once you have met the following requirements:

  •  Complete all assignments
  •  Score at least 70% on each test/exam
  •  Earn an overall course grade of at least 70%

Students must sign up separately for the state Level-C Exam. For more information about the state exam, go to the FDEP Website.

The UF TREEO website provides helpful hints on how to become certified in Florida as a Class C Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. If you live outside of the state of Florida, please visit your state operator certification program.

Learner Outcomes

  •  Recognize the responsibilities of drinking water treatment plant operation and control
  •  Identify safe operational procedures, sampling, and laboratory testing techniques
  •  Summarize the basic biology, bacteriology, mathematics, and chemistry associated with drinking water treatment
  •  Develop test taking skills by completing the quizzes that cover the material discussed in each lesson


Required Textbooks (included with registration fee in the continental U.S. only.) Additional fees will apply for international shipping. Please contact us with any questions prior to registering if you are outside of the U.S.

"Water Treatment Plant OperationA Field Study Program", Volume 1, seventh edition, 2017

"Water Treatment Plant OperationA Field Study Program", Volume 2, seventh edition, 2020

You will need to provide a physical street address as FedEx does not deliver to P.O. boxes. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Books will be shipped out after your registration has been processed and payment is made. You are able to begin the course and familiarize yourself with the course content before the books arrive.


Students, please be aware to qualify for the state exam you will need either a high school diploma or a FL Dept. of Education approved GED.  Online GEDs are not accepted by FDEP.


“The online course allows you to work at your own pace.”

“I really liked the quizzes and being able to communicate with the instructors.”

“The course had material that was pretty clear to understand. I liked the books that came along with the course.”

“I liked how thorough the course was and how many different ways the information was presented.”

“The information within each module was presented well.”

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