Course Description

  • Day one course time: 8:15am - 4:15pm
  • Day two course time: 8:15am - 12:15pm
  • FDEP OCP 04251023: 1.2 DW DS WW
  • FBPE Provider #0004021: 12 CEHs

Course coordinator: Areiole Williams areiole.williams@treeo.ufl.edu
Phone: (352) 392-9570 or 352-294-3877

For any enrollment assistance, please email questions@ad.ufl.edu

This a 12 hour course that provides an overview of DEP Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the collection of surface water, wastewater, drinking water and groundwater samples, with “hands-on” activities designed to illustrate SOP requirements. The class will also provide instruction in the proper calibration of field instruments used to measure common field-testing parameters in water samples, including those used to monitor groundwater purging stabilization criteria. Instructors are DEP staff experienced with sampling and quality assurance topics. The first day of the course consists of a morning classroom session, followed by instructor-guided hands-on segments starting after lunch, with time allowed for questions and discussion about “real-world” scenarios encountered in the field. A second day morning session will include a classroom segment and instructor-guided hands-on segments on groundwater techniques. Students will be divided into smaller groups for the hands-on portions of the course. CEUs will only be rewarded after attending both days of the course.

The following DEP SOPs are covered in this introductory course

• FA 1000 Regulatory Scope and Administrative Procedures for Use of DEP SOPs

• FC 1000 Cleaning/Decontamination Procedures

• FD 1000 Documentation Procedures

• FM 1000 Field Planning and Mobilization

• FQ 1000 Field Quality Control Requirements

• FS 1000 General Sampling Procedures

• FS 2000 General Aqueous Sampling

• FS 2100 Surface Water Sampling

• FS 2200 Groundwater Sampling

• FS 2300 Drinking Water Sampling

• FS 2400 Wastewater Sampling

• FT 1000 General Field Testing and Measurement

• FT 1100 Field Measurement of Hydrogen Ion Activity (pH)

• FT 1200 Field Measurement of Specific Conductance (Conductivity)

• FT 1300 Field Measurement of Salinity

• FT 1400 Field Measurement of Temperature

• FT 1500 Field Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

• FT 1600 Field Measurement of Turbidity

• FT 1900 Continuous Monitoring with Installed Meters

• FT 2000 Field Measurement of Residual Chlorine

• FS 2200 Groundwater

Learner Outcomes

What to bring (for both days of the course)

  • Note taking supplies
  • Field-testing instruments: multi-meter which measure Ph conductivity, temperature, DO, chlorine, turbidity (instructors will only have one instrument available)
  • Field-testing instrument calibration standards (instructors will only have supplies for one instrument)
  • Please wear field clothes and shoes and provide for protection from the sun and weather.
  • Lunch is on your own.


Who should attend this course:

Operators, supervisors, regulatory personnel, laboratory workers and engineers of water and wastewater systems can benefit from this course.


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