Course Description

The University of Florida Healthcare online program in Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety allows industry students and professionals the opportunity to further strengthen their foundational knowledge. This flexible, online offering allows participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with core concepts in: the assessment and management of organizational risk, malpractice and insurance, informed consent, Long term and acute care facility risk principles, acute care infection control and more. In addition to the identification of techniques and foundational concepts, the program also provides participants with a slew of online links and reference articles available for use beyond completion of the course. This niche certificate represents another highly popular healthcare professional education offering from UF’s rich library of online healthcare educational content.

The University of Florida Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety program was originally developed over a decade ago as a licensure requirement with the Agency for Healthcare Administration. The course has since evolved, and expanded to include broad resources and insights into not only managing organizational risk, but also improved patient safety.

The course is designed to prepare working professionals in healthcare acute, ambulatory, skilled care and home health settings – where organized risk management is paramount. In addition, professionals in health law and insurance may also benefit from the key foundational concepts and valuable resources provided in the course. This course bridges the gap between technical knowledge and directly related work experience.

The rigorous curriculum combines the latest concepts with a selection of resources and references available beyond the conclusion of the course. Upon successful completion, participants receive a professional certificate from The University of Florida.

The national job market for professionals with expertise in the management of risk and patient safety continues to grow. The demand for risk managers continues to outpace the existing labor force.

What is Risk Management in Healthcare? - The New England Journal of Medicine: https://catalyst.nejm.org/what-is-risk-management-in-healthcare/

Healthcare Risk Management Jobs: https://careers.ashrm.org/jobs


Course Outline

  •  40 hours of educational content related to general risk management administration and departmental organization and management.
  •  30 hours of educational content related to applicable federal, state and local health and safety laws and rules, community interrelationships, and accident prevention.
  •  40 hours related to applicable standards of healthcare risk management, including the principles of malpractice insurance, the conduct of malpractice litigation, and the settlement of malpractice claims.
  •  10 hours related to additional general healthcare risk management contemporary issues.
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Reading List / Textbook

Florence Kavalar and Raymond S. Alexander, Risk Management in Healthcare Institutions – Limiting Liability and Enhancing Care, 3rd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1449645656

E-book version of textbook: https://www.chegg.com/textbooks/risk-management-in-health-care-institutions-3rd-edition-9781449645656-1449645658

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