Course Description


If you have a great passion for cooking and the drive to pursue your goal as a professional cook, food entrepreneur, and more, there is no better time to start a career in this thriving landscape. 

Students can acquire intensive professional and practical experience with culinary preparations and operation of a professional kitchen. With a focus on foundational and fundamental skills development and reinforcement, universal and widely-adopted methods and techniques of cooking as well as recipes and activities, will reinforce the same principles taught in professional culinary schools around the world. This comprehensive course covers a full basic professional cooking school curriculum including, but not limited to kitchen and food safety, knife skills, moist- and dry-heat cooking methods, seasoning, culinary nutrition, basic breads and baking, salads and dressings, and pastry basics.



A Certificate of Completion will be granted to a student who successfully meets the following conditions: 

  • Scores a cumulative average of 75% percent or higher on the online assessments
  • Receives a satisfactory score for each weekly hands on kitchen assessment
  • Receives a 75% or higher on the Culinary Foundations 1 and 2 final exams, and
  • Receives a 75% or higher on the ServSafe Food Handler Safety certification examination
  • Receives a 75% or more on the kitchen practical final exam
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